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This blog is for general thoughts, written material and assorted things that I want to see put down on paper (strange how so many of use still use this phrase).  If you’re looking for deep and meaningful, philosophical or just plain clever stuff then you could well be in the wrong place, but who knows – you may find something you like.

Categories :

Eve Online Stuff– this is for, surprisingly enough, stories, articles and thoughts about the Eve Online MMORPG. A game where internet spaceships blow each other up and far too many people get far too upset about it.

Myths and Fables  –  I quite enjoy writing pieces that could have been old fables, or the modern equivalent of them.

SLA Stuff – Sla Industries Role Playing Game.  A great game with a lot of depth to it. And my thoughts, articles and narrative concerning my view of it.

Vampires – Yeah, a cliche I know, but this is the section for my written work and thoughts about Vampire role playing games.  Mostly LRP games. And yes, I know Vampires aren’t real so you don’t need to convince me or quietly worry about my mental health.

Random Thoughts – Guess what’s here?  Things that don’t fit anywhere else. This section could contain the most interesting things or the most meaningless. You decide.


Okay, updates and changes when they happen.




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