Awox – fun or, well, it’s fun – admit it.

4 Dec


There is a long history of Awoxing in Eve, it’s one of the many things that stir up controversy. Some say, usually the ones doing the Awoxing, that it’s a legitimate part of the game, a way of making isk and having fun. Others, usually the ones who have been affecting in a negative way by this, claim that it is unfair, against the spirit of the game, and generally a pain in the ass. I’ve been on both sides of the Awox situation and, even when it’s been me on the receiving end, I can’t say that there’s anything unfair about it. So, this is my story of when I changed things around, when I became the Awoxer.

Awoxing is basically becoming friendly with someone and then taking advantage of them. This often comes in the form or joining a corporation or alliance and then harming them while they are blue, and friendly towards you. There are many reasons why you might want to do this, isk (always a good one), boredom (hell, it’s something to do), lols (the reaction from the aggrieved can be hilarious) and, in my case, revenge.

I’d had a fun little brawl in high sec, which I lost, but as far as I was concerned it was nothing more than a good fight. Me in a Brutix, fighting a Hyperion and a Talos and after I got my ass kicked I was looking forward to a friendly conversation over how the fight went. The Talos pilot was all good with this, as most Eve players are, and we chatted for a while. The Hyperion pilot, however, decided that his victory was worth smack-talking in local. He mocked me, mocked my skills, mocked my social life and mocked the legitimacy of my birth. What he wouldn’t do, however, was come out and fight one to one in equal ships. You all know this sort of person, brave in talking but not so brave when it comes to a chance of losing his ship.

I started considering my options and began checking out the characters history. He was CEO of a corp with about 20 members but there was a lot of chopping and changing in his history and lots of new corps being formed with very, very similar names. A few minutes spent looking into war histories and kill boards made me realise that any time the corp was war decced they disbanded and started something new. So, deccing them would be a bit pointless. Bounty on him? Possible but too impersonal. A gank when he and his corp were mining? Another possibility but limited and the CEO himself didn’t seem to be much of a miner so it would be the rest of the corp that suffered rather then him and that wasn’t really my goal.

Initially I dismissed an Awox because, well because I never thought it would work. But, with most of the other options discarded I opened a conversation with the CEO, complimenting him on his ship fit and his victory. Once I had pandered to his ego for a while I started asking about his corp and whether it was a real hassle being the CEO or worth the satisfaction he got out of it. It took me an entire 20 minutes to get an invite to his corp which sets the scene for some of the things that are going to be described.

My initial plan was to stick with the corp just long enough to get into a mission with the CEO and by that time I knew he bought plex so he could afford the best faction fit battleships. A simple plan, not overly subtle, but get him into a mission, attack and then bring in a friend for RR if required. Basic, but effective. However nothing is ever as simple as you would like it to be. The first issue was that the CEO, and the majority of the corp, tended to be on at different times than I was. So going missioning with them was a problem. My second option was to hit one of their mining fleets, the kind of fleets that have multiple Orcas, a freighter for hauling (a freighter that was foolishly in the corp rather than an npc corp) and a comfortable number of barges. But again, this was made tricky by the time zones.

So, I bided my time, waiting for the perfect moment when I could do maximum damage. While getting more and more bored with the corp I went back to my normal occupation of high sec ninja and low sec piracy – an interesting mix for those internet types who are still debating the merits of both sides. And yes, that argument still rages, although not on the front pages anymore. One of my ninja acts earned me the kill of a Navy Domi and a ransom of 150 million. When he heard about this the CEO demanded that the money be given back because his corp only did honourable combat – he must have conveniently forgot the way we met. But, still trying to maintain my cover as being amiable and easy going, I instantly agreed and after a few minutes said I had returned the isk. I didn’t of course, and the CEO was too arrogant to bother checking.

Then, disaster struck. Overnight the CEO made a decision to move his corp into Null Sec and join a large alliance, which was known for inviting corps to join them and bring their most expensive kit down. And yes, as is blatantly obvious to everyone, well nearly everyone, this alliance then turns on the corp and rips them apart. But, this made no difference to me and I knew that my time had run out and I had to act. I may not get everything out of the Awox that I desired, but better to get something rather than nothing. This was my first Awox attempt and I didn’t want to mess it up completely.

Quietly cursing my bad luck I hit the corp as they were taking down their pos – their fully faction pos I may add. A few kills and much confusion and rage in the corp chat later, I had scooped a couple of arrays worth about 150 million in total and I was sitting outside the main corp station waiting for victims, sorry, I mean targets to come out and vent their anger on me. Sadly, after a few small losses, they decided that discretion was the better part of valor and the majority of corp logged off, saying that they would be back when I got bored of being a dick.

After a lot of anger and even more cursing in corp chat, the CEO “calmly” advised me that he would be raising this matter with CCP. My refusing to dock or leave the corp was obviously an exploit which would get me kicked from the game and never allowed to play Eve again. He would make it his life goal to ensure that I never stalked the dark skies of Eve again. I’m sure you can imagine how seriously I took this.

I took myself away from station, jumped into a cloaky ships which was sitting in an alt’s Orca hangar and left the game for the night. Next morning I came back and had a quick glance at the screen to see what was going on. I warp to the corp pos and find to my dismay that it had been removed overnight. The corp knew my time zone and had made the smart decision of moving as quickly as possible while I was likely to be afk. Well, it was almost a smart decision. The CEO was sitting in system somewhere, I assumed in station, and the Serpentis Control Tower was in the process of being unanchored, twenty minutes to go and it would be ready to be scooped.

My first thought was TRAP! They’re trying to lure me in and then will appear on top of me in an act of righteous vengeance. But the only member of the corp online was the CEO. Okay, possibly they’ve all logged off at the tower and will drop in on me just as the tower unanchors. Or maybe the CEO is sitting nearby in a cloaky ship, waiting to strike me down with a grin of victory on his face when I try to get the tower.

Pondering my options, I sat cloaked in space just waiting to see what would happen next. With the tower having less than five minutes to go, there is a message in the corp chat channel from the CEO.

“You there or are you still AFK?”

Surprisingly enough I didn’t answer this and the next thing I see is the CEO turning up at the pos in an Iteron V. Still there was no-one else from Corp online, still there was no sign of it being a trap, still there was nothing to suggest that this could end any way other than badly for the CEO.

With second left I set my alt in warp to the tower, I uncloaked my Loki and I popped the hauler. Unfortunately the pod escaped, but I was good with what was going on. The tower was scooped by my alt who promptly got out of the area and I cloaked up again near the tower, or where the tower used to be, and waited, just in case the CEO came back ready to fight.

While I’m sitting there, a big cheesy grin on my face and the happy dance building up within me, Corp Chat starts again. The CEO is not a happy man, not a happy man at all. Initially, he screams yet again that I am breaking the rules of the game and that I will be reported to CCP. Keeping everything polite, I advise him that he is, of course, perfectly within his rights to do so but I don’t think that he would get much joy out of doing that.

These words may just have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. After a number of racial and sexual slurs, he calls me a dirty Awoxer and requests that I remove myself from his corp immediately and go give my mother some much needed sexual attention. I thank him for his concern and advice but politely refuse. After a few more insults and slurs, he goes quiet and I think that he may be pondering his next move. And what would that next move be? Quite an unexpected one really.

I receive corp notification that the CEO has resigned his position and left corp and that I have been made the new CEO.

Yes, you read that right but my initial reaction was exactly the same, that couldn’t be correct . But it was, I went from being a dirty Awoxer who never really had a chance to do maximum damage to bring the controller of the corp that I had tried to harm. So, time to remove roles from every corp member, set tax rate to 100%, empty the wallet, take everything out of the corp office in the high sec system and then I saw that we had another office in the null station that we were moving to. Well, we did have that, until I spotted it and closed it.

Other corp members are starting to log on now and as you can imagine they are quite confused by what’s happened. To add to this confusion I say that the CEO had left the corp to me and when I logged on only a few minutes ago I saw that it had been emptied and I could only guess that the previous CEO had done this. “Does anyone know what the hell is going on?” I ask in an innocent voice.

Over the next couple of days I close the corp down, make about 240 million isk from bounties before players realise that the rates have changed, and a few million more from the POCOs that the corp had. Most people have left the corp and I decide it’s time for a fresh start. I close the corp and move on to new things.

Now, I’m not an experienced Awoxer, far from it. This was my first time. And for a first time having the CEO throw his toys out of the pram and pass over his corp to me, totally screwing everyone else in the corp and, just to make it that bit sweeter, not having logged in since, I think I did pretty well.

A decent amount of isk made, although not as much as I had been hoping for, lots of laughs, and a story that is going to get me a lot of beer from my real life Eve mates as I tell it in the pub.

Awoxing is fun!


2 Responses to “Awox – fun or, well, it’s fun – admit it.”

  1. Gary Smith December 4, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    Great tale bud, you are a capital T type Troll.

    How do I unsign up from my work email and sign up with my personal one btw?

    • Roy December 4, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

      Think you should be able to unsubscribe by managing the blogs you follow – top right for me – and then resubscribe, but not certain. Tried to find a way to do it from my end, still looking.

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